Terms and Conditions of Private Hire


Sixty Sixty Coaches Limited, The Coach Depot, Merthyr Tydfil Industrial Park, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 4DR is referred to in this document as the Company. 


Any person or customer travelling on a Company vehicle or intending to do so is referred in this document as a passenger/passengers. 




Section 1 – Application

Section 2 – Quotations

Section 3 – Surcharges

Section 4 – Routes and Time Variation

Section 5 – Use of Vehicle

Section 6 – Drivers Hours

Section 7 – Seating Capacity, Passengers and Passenger Conduct

Section 8 – Passengers Property

Section 9 – Alcohol

Section 10 – Carriage of Children

Section 11 – Conveyance of Animals

Section 12 – Notices

Section 13 – Damages and Soiling

Section 14 – Breakdowns and Delays

Section 15 – Vehicles to be Provided.

Section 16 – Confirmation

Section 17 – Cancellation By The Hirer (All Hires except Account Customers)

Section 17a – Account Hire Cancellation

Section 18 – Cancellation by Company

Section 19 – Agency Agreements

Section 20 – Complaints

Section 21 – Payments

Section 22 – Airport, Ferry, Coach and Taxi Transfers

Section 23 – Sporting Event






Section 1 – Application

  • – These conditions apply whether a contact has been made verbally or in writing.
  • – Making a booking either verbally or in writing will be deemed as an acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • – The hirer acts on behalf of all the passengers travelling on the vehicle(s) and is responsible for the actions and decisions of all the passengers on board including any additional costs incurred in performing the contract, whether or not the actually travel with the party.
  • – If the hirer is not going to travel with the party, a representative must be chosen.

Section 2 – Quotations

2.1 – Quotations are provided based on the information provided by the hirer such as (but not limited to) vehicle size, boarding location/s, comfort stops, mileage and destination. Whilst we are happy to accommodate alterations whenever possible, changes to any of the above details are subject to availability and any amendment may incur additional charges.

2.2 – The route used will be at the discretion of the company unless it has been particularly specified by the hirer.

2.3 – All quotations are given subject to the company having available a suitable vehicle at the time the hirer accepts the quotation.

2.4 – Quotation does not guarantee the specified date and time requested until the booking is confirmed in writing from the company.

2.5 – Unless the quotation is confirmed, Sixty Sixty Coaches Limited reserves the right to book out any dates and times quoted on a first come, first serve basis.

2.6 – Quotations are valid for 30 days.

2.7 – Unless otherwise stated, quotations are provided for coach and driver only. Any additional charges such as (but not limited to) accommodation, admission costs, meals and parking fees will be separately identified and will be the hirer’s responsibility unless otherwise specified.

2.8 – Any additional needs and charges will be separately identified and will be quoted accordantly. These charges will be the hirer’s responsibility unless otherwise specified.

2.9 – Bookings must be confirmed in writing. Any further changes to the journey, route, destination, or timings must be communicated in writing or via our recorded phone line.

Section 3 – Surcharges

3.1 – Once a confirmation has been issued to the hirer, provided there are 28 days prior to the departure date, the company reserves the right to pass on increases in the cost of fuel, taxes, road tolls and any other costs out of the company’s control.

3.2 – On notification of such charges, the hirer may cancel the booking subject to the scale of cancellation charges. The liability of the company will be limited to the cost of the hire and any ancillary services supplied will be charged at the full rate.

Section 4 – Route and Time Variation

4.1 – Should a vehicle be taken on a longer journey by the hirer than that contracted at the time of booking or the times agreed are not adhered to, the Company reserves the right to make an additional charge commensurate with the costs incurred.

4.2 – During the hire, any amendments to the routes and times must be confirmed with the company prior to the amendments.

4.3 – The vehicle will depart at the time agreed during the booking stage and the hirer will be responsible for ensuring all passengers are on board the vehicle. The Company accept no liability for loss or injury to any passenger who fails to join the vehicle at the agreed time.

4.4 – Alterations to itineraries must be made in writing at least two days prior to the hire by the hirer. The hirer is responsible for any costs incurred because of changes made to the itinerary.

4.5 – Any alterations to the agreed itinerary must be made with the Company direct, not the driver.

Section 5 – Use of The Vehicle

5.1 – Unless with prior written agreement the hirer should not assume the use of the vehicle between outward and return journeys nor to remain available for the hirer’s incidental use when parked at such points. The operator’s vehicle/s may on no account be sub-let, lent, or licensed by the hirer without the prior written consent of the Company.

Section 6 – Drivers Hours

6.1 – Driver’s hours and rest periods are regulated by law for the safety of all concerned and the rules must be strictly observed.

6.2 – The hours of operation agreed between the Company and the hirer must be complied with and the hirer accepts responsibility for keeping within the hours and times of the agreed hire.

6.3 – Variation from this is only accepted in the case of serious emergency or diversion.

6.4 – The hirer must ensure that the journey is not delayed by them or any other passenger which results in the driver being asked to breach driver’s hours regulations or avoid taking the required rest period.

6.5 – Where a breach is likely to occur all additional costs must be borne by the hirer unless it is outside of the hirer’s control.

6.6 – The Company reserve the right to refuse any journey which is considered to breach drivers hours regulations at    any point prior to or during the hire.

6.7 – Under no circumstances will the Company allow your journey to exceed the regulations.

Section 7 – Seating Capacity, Passengers and Passenger Conduct

7.1 – The seating capacity of the hired vehicle will be confirmed to the hirer at the time of booking. The hirer must not load any vehicle beyond the number of passengers which it is legally permitted to carry.

7.2 – All passengers must remain seated with their seatbelts securely fastened whilst the vehicle is in motion unless using the washroom or servery facilities if these have been requested in the hire.

7.3 – Passengers using the washroom or servery facilities whilst the vehicle is in motion do so entirely at their own risk. It is the responsibility of the hirer to account for all passengers throughout the hire. People with mobility issues are advised not to use the washroom and servery facilities or move around the vehicle whilst it is in motion.


7.4 – The Company will not accept liability for any loss or damage incurred by passengers who fail to follow the instructions given by the hirer.

7.5 – It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that staff:child ratios are observed in line with the legislation in place at the time of hire and that this is always maintained. Supervising adults must be seated throughout the vehicle and not congregated in one area of the vehicle. We request that one member of staff is seated near an emergency exit to assist with emergency evacuation and to ensure no tampering of the door occurs. Educational staff are requested to set an example to younger people by always wearing seatbelts.

7.6 – In the interests of other passengers, no musical instruments, radios, or other audio devices shall be played without the permission of the driver.

7.7 – It is strictly forbidden for any passenger to carry or consume illegal drugs on the vehicle.

7.8 – Smoking is not permitted on any Company vehicle including the use of substitute products such as electronic cigarettes.

7.9 – The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle and as such may remove, or prevent from boarding, any passenger whose conduct is in breach of the Public Service Vehicle (Conduct of Drivers, Inspectors, Conductors and Passengers) Regulations 1990. This includes passengers who are abusive to any person or whose behaviour is otherwise considered by the driver to be unacceptable.

7.10 – The hirer will be responsible for the conduct of passengers and for any damage caused to the vehicle by passengers during the hire.

7.11 – Where the hire is to a sporting event, the hirer should be aware of the legal requirements relating to alcohol contained in the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol) Act 1985, (as amended) and the conditions of entry to racecourses laid down by the Racecourse Association Ltd. The Company will provide details of these restrictions on request.

7.12 – It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the passengers do not distract the driver at any time whilst s/he is driving the vehicle.

7.13 – The Company will provide, on request, a contact number for the driver for use throughout the duration of the hire. The hirer agrees that this contact number must be used only for the purpose of contacting the driver regarding the hire and only on the day/s of hire. The hirer is explicitly requested not to provide the given contact number to any other passenger or person at any time during or after the hire. Thereafter, the hirer agrees to delete or destroy the number in line with data protection guidelines.

Section 8 – Passengers Property

8.1 – For statutory safety reasons all vehicles are subject to certain restrictions on carrying luggage. Large items may not be carried, and the hirer should inform the Company of such items at the time of booking where advice will be given.

8.2 – The driver has full discretion on the carriage of luggage, property, and its storage.

8.3 – The Company will take all reasonable steps to avoid loss or damage to the personal property of the hirer or passengers. The hirer must inform the Company if items of exceptional value are to be carried on the vehicle and take reasonable steps to insure against loss or damage.

8.4 – The Company accept no liability for loss and/or damage to passengers’ property, personal items or luggage left unattended in the vehicle.

8.5 – All items of lost property when found are labelled and held at the Company Head Office and are subject to the current Public Service Vehicle (Lost Property) Regulations. Low value items (such as hats, gloves etc.) will be kept for one month. Higher value items (such as mobile phones, cameras etc.) will be kept for three months after which all items are destroyed. If requested, items of lost property can be returned to the owner of which the charges are recoverable.

8.6 – It is the responsibility of the hirer and passengers to ensure that adequate insurance cover is sought to cover loss or damage to their own personal items.

Section 9 – Alcohol

9.1 – No alcohol is permitted to be carried or consumed on the vehicle without the prior written consent of the Company. It is against the law to carry or consume alcoholic drinks on a coach proceeding to or from designated sporting events and the hirer should be aware of the regulations relating to this contained in the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol) Act 1985 (as amended).

9.2 – The hirer will be responsible for any fines or related costs, expenses or other losses incurred as a result of any breach of the above Act by the passengers

9.3 – Passengers must not consume food (other than confectionary) or drink, including alcohol, without the prior agreement of the Company or in the case of food and non-alcoholic beverages, with the permission of the driver.

9.4 – The carrying or use of drugs is strictly forbidden, and CCTV will be provided to the police where necessary.

Section 10 – Carriage of Children

10.1 – Bus and coach companies are not required by law to provide child car seats in coaches and buses, but child passengers should use them if they are provided. The hirer is responsible for providing a child seat if they wish a child to use one.

10.2 – In minibuses, all children must travel in rear seats (any seats behind the driver) if a child car seat or an adult seat belt isn’t fitted. Children aged 3 or older must use an adult seat belt if child car seats are not fitted or are unsuitable.

10.3 – Seat belts must be fitted in buses and coaches except ones in which standing is permitted, or which are being used to provide a “local service”. If seat belts are fitted, they must be worn by passengers aged 14 years and over.

10.4 – Passengers aged under 14 years are legally required to always wear a seat belt whilst travelling.

10.5 – All seated passengers aged 14 years or over must wear seat belts if they are fitted in coaches.

Section 11 – Conveyance of Animals

11.1 – On private coach hire, no animals (other than guide dogs and hearing dogs notified to the Company in advance) may be carried on any vehicle without the prior written consent of the Company.

Section 12 – Notices

12.1 – No bill, notice, banner or poster or any other similar item must be displayed on the vehicle without the prior written consent of the Company. In any case, such notices must only be placed in a position which does not breach the legal requirements set out by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Section 13 – Damage and Soiling

13.1 – The hirer is responsible for any damage or soiling caused to the vehicle by any passenger for the duration of the hire. A minimum charge of £100 will be made if the vehicle is damaged or soiled. If the extent of the damage or soiling is such that the vehicle is out of service for any length of time the Company may charge the hirer a minimum of £500 per day or part thereof for which the vehicle is out of service.

13.2 – The company will reserve the right to request a damage bond payment that will be refunded if the vehicle returns undamaged.

Section 14 – Breakdowns and Delays

14.1 – The Company give advice on journey times in good faith. However, we cannot guarantee the completion of a journey within a specific time and as such will not be liable for loss or inconvenience caused by breakdown, traffic congestion or other delays outside of our control.

Section 15 – Vehicle to Be Provided

15.1 – The Company reserves the right to provide a larger vehicle than that specified at no additional charge unless any extra seats are used in which case an additional pro rata charge will be added to the hire charge.

15.2 – The Company reserves the right to substitute another vehicle (including those of other operators) or ancillary facilities for all or part of the hire subject to such substitutes being of at least equivalent quality. Unless a vehicle of equivalent quality is not available, the company reserves the right to use any vehicle available to the company to complete the hire.

15.3 – In all circumstances the hirer is responsible for communicating the required vehicle size and any special requirements such as height, length, or width restrictions at the time of booking.

Section 16 – Confirmation

16.1 – Written confirmation by the company is the only basis for the acceptance of hiring or for subsequent alteration to its terms. 


16.2 – On confirmation a deposit for the hire is required to confirm any bookings. All account bookings do not require a deposit.


16.3 – For any hires up to £500.00 then a £50.00 deposit is required. For any hires over £500.00 then a 10% deposit will be required.


16.4 – For all private bookings. Deposits must be paid within 7 days unless agreed otherwise prior to booking.


16.5 – For all private bookings that fail to pay the deposit within 7 days will be cancelled and billed inline with section     17 as set out below.


16.6 – For any cancelled confirmed bookings that failed to pay the required deposit, may be reinstated upon request and immediate payment of the required deposit.


16.7 – For any private bookings reinstated as per section 16.6. Reinstatements are subject to availability and Sixty Sixty Coaches Limited dose not accept any liability for any bookings that are no longer viable or available.


Section 17 – Cancellation by the Hirer (All Hires except Account Customers)

17.1 – Cancellations must be made firstly by telephone after which this must be followed up by cancellation in writing.

17.2 – All cancellations are subject the scale of cancelation set out below.


Notice Given 



14 Days or more 

Deposit Only 


7-13 Days 



3-6 Days 



1-2 Days 



Within 24 hours 



17.2.1 – For all hires up to £500.00 there will be a minimum cancellation fee of £50.00 and then increase inline with the scale of cancellation.

17.3 – All 3rd party costs, bookings and arrangement made on behalf of the hirer relating to the hire will be charged at full cost.

17.4 – The charges above will be payable regardless of if a deposit has yet to be paid or not.

17.5 – Customers who have yet to pay a deposit and have agreed the hire of the vehicle will be invoiced for the amount in relation to the scale of cancellation.

17.6 – All short notice hires within 14 days will be subject to the above cancellation scale. 

17.7 – If the hirer wishes to cancel a booking on a specific date and wishes to move the booking to another date. We may be able to accommodate, subject to availability.

17.8 – If a customer wishes to cancel the hire and move the hire to a new date there will be a fixed administration fee as set out in the table below.

Notice Given 


14 Days or more Before Hire

No Administration Fee 

13 Days – 8 Days Before Hire


7 Days Before or On Day Of Hire 



17.9 – The charge will be deducted from the balance already paid and customer will then be required to pay any new invoice issued for the new hire.

17.10 – The remaining balance will be allocated to the new hire.

17.11 – If the new hire equals a value lower than the original, all remaining balance will be allocated to the customers account for any future hire.

17.12 – If the customer dose no wish to use our service again in the future and there is a balance remaining on their account, then these funds will be lost in line with the original cancellation terms from the original hire date.

17.13 – If the customer changes any future hires, then the above will apply for any hires going forward.

17.14 – If the customer wishes to cancel a booking that has been moved due to a cancelation previously then any booking using account funds from a cancelled booking will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee and the above scale of cancelation will not apply.

17.15 – If a newly arranged booking is paid with using both account funds and new payments. Then any funds from new payments will be subject to the cancellation scale in section 17.2 and all account funds used will be subject to a 100% charge.

Section 17a – Account Hire Cancellation

17a.1- All account hires must be cancelled via email.

17a.2 – All cancelled hire will remain active unless you receive written confirmation from the Company stating the that the booking has been cancelled.

17a.3 – All account hires may be cancelled without any liability or financial penalty.

Section 18 – Cancellation by the Company

18.1 – In the event of any emergency or force majeure or any event over which the Company has no control including weather and road conditions or in the event of the hirer taking any actions to vary agreed conditions of hire unilaterally, the Company may, by returning all money paid and without further or other liability, cancel the contract.

Section 19 – Agency Arrangements

19.1 – Where the Company hires in vehicles for other operators at the request of the hirer and where the Company arranges ancillary facilities such as meals, accommodation, ferries, admission tickets or any other services provided by another supplier, it does so as an agent for and on behalf of the hirer. Any terms and conditions imposed by such other suppliers through the company shall, insofar as they are supplied to the hirer, be binding on the hirer as if he had directly contracted such services and the hirer shall indemnify the Company against any loss, claim, damage or award in respect of a breach of such supplier’s terms and conditions brought about by the hirer’s action. 



Section 20 – Complaints


20.1 – In the event of complaints about the Company’s products or services the hirer should endeavour to seek a solution seeking the assistance of the driver, the tour representative, guide, or the Company as soon as practically possible during the hire. If this has not provided a remedy, complaints should thereafter be made in writing to the Company within 14 days. In accordance with our Company Feedback and Complaints Procedure, all complaints are acknowledged within three working days and a full response can be expected within a further ten working days. If we are unable to conclude any investigations within this time, we will ensure the complainant is kept fully informed every five working days. Our Feedback and Complaints Procedure is available on request.


20.2 – Complaints should be made in writing to: Sixty Sixty Coaches Limited, The Coach Depot, Merthyr Tydfil Industrial Park, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 4DR or by E-Mail to: admin@sixtysixty.co.uk


Section 21 – Payments


21.1 – Deposits are required upon confirmation of hire and payable within 7 days.


21.2 – All hires must be paid for in-full 14 days prior to the date of hire.


21.3 – All account customers and organisation wishing to book with the use of Purchase Orders, must be provided at the time of booking and payment must be made within 30 day of the hire.


21.4 – All Local authority bookings are confirmed upon receipt of confirmation and are payable 30 days from the date of hire.


21.5 – Invoice queries must be addressed within 7 days of invoice date and thereafter paid within 24 hours of the company’s final resolution on the matter.


21.6 – The Company reserves the right to add interest at the rate of 3% per month above the base lending rate of Lloyds Bank from the date by which payment should have been made.


21.7 – If the invoice is not paid within the agreed terms a late payment charge will also be added to the invoice amounting to £50.00 per £250.00 overdue.


21.8 – The Company reserve the right to refer unpaid accounts to County Court for judgement. Debt recovery costs will also be recovered as part of such applications.


21.9 – Payment can be accepted by cheque, cash in person, bank transfer, debit, or credit card.


21.10 – Coach hire is zero-rated for the purposes of Value Added Tax (VAT).


Section 22 – Airport, Ferry, Coach, Taxi Transfers


22.1 – On collecting passengers from airports, ferry ports, etc., the coach will wait for one hour after the prearranged collection time free of charge. After that additional waiting time will be charged at the discretion of the company.


Section 23 – Sporting Events


23.1 – The carriage of Alcohol is against the law to and from any designated sporting event as laid out in Section 1(1) of the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol) Act 1985, as amended by the Public Order Act 1986.


23.2 – The carriage of either fireworks or an article or substance, whose main purpose is the emission of a flare, smoke or a visible gas is against the law as laid out in Section 2A of the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol) act 1985, as amend by the Public Order Act 1986.


23.3 – All hires travelling to designated sporting events will be notified to the police liaison office for the destination club. We will provide them with the total number of passengers, number of coaches booked, the name and contact details for the lead passenger.


23.4 – Coached hired to designated sporting events shall not stop within 10 miles either enroute or departure from the event.


23.5 – Coaches are not to be planned to arrive more than two hours before and not later one hour before the scheduled start of the event.


23.6 – Coaches will only be allowed to set down and pick up at a location designated by the Police Liaison Officer.


23.7 – Coach must leave the venue 30 minutes after the end of the game regardless if all passengers are aboard unless authorised by a Police Liaison Office.


23.8 – Bags and anything carried aboard will be inspected by our drivers and if any items are found these will be prohibited and must be left.


23.9 – Sixty Sixty Coaches Limited will not be held liable for any loss accrued due to the failure to follow this policy and the relevant laws.


Issued By

Sixty Sixty Coaches Limited

The Coach Depot

Merthyr Tydfil Industrial Park


Merthyr Tydfil

CF48 4DR